Sunday, October 19, 2014

Being Told No, Doesn't Need To Define You

I have to admit, I am a fan of Hell's Kitchen, its a bit of a guilty pleasure.  I'm intrigued to watch people who are chasing a dream and subject themselves to a very demanding screening process and yet are so very quick to point the finger of blame about their shortcomings on someone else. 
When you walk into Hell's Kitchen, it is known Gordon Ramsey is going to put you through very extreme mental and sometimes physical challenges in order to see who can excel under adverse conditions.  Yet, I'm amazed how shocked some of the people seem to be as to how hard it is.  He doesn't want just anybody to run his restaurants, he wants "the somebody" who can perform to their greatest potential on a consistent basis and provide a high quality service.  When the contest is over there will only be one person left, so what about all the chefs who don't make the cut?
So often you hear the ones who have been let go reflect that Chef Ramsey didn't think they were good enough or they feel their dream is over and now don't know what they'll do, but just because one person didn't pick you or one attempt at a goal wasn't taken to completion, does not have to define you.  Most likely though, this is the mindset that leaves you coming up short because your basis for success is being externally driven because you don't believe in yourself enough. Your belief as to whether you're good enough is solely based on someones opinion, but you have to believe in you first and foremost because your opinion about yourself IS what matters most.
When we allow the "I'm not good enough" voice to take charge, that is our gremlin talking. The little voice that tries to protect you by keeping you small, not allowing you to go for it because then you won't get hurt.  Yet when you allow your gremlin, your fear, your lack of personal accountability to lead the way, all you'll ever be is less than your best self.  No one else should define you, but you.  When you allow the decisions or opinions of others to define you, you give away your power, your strength and it's based on external influences.
I'm encouraging you here today to believe in you, go within, trust in you.  Believe in your abilities and the "no" you may have just heard only means it's not yet the right fit.  Take charge of that gremlin and let her know you're in charge and she can rest because you've got this. 
So yes, it may be disappointing when we fall short of a goal or something we want doesn't go our way this time, but it does not define who you are. Be ready and wanting to take sole possession of your life and take full responsibility and accountability for all you are, all you have, and all of you'll ever be. The only one who can and should ever define you is the person looking back at you in the mirror and that's YOU. 
Now go make great things happen........

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